Mineral Studies

Christian Larsen Gallery, Stockholm, 2007 (plastics, wood, paper, glass)

Thus speak the stones, when all other things are silent. Carl Linnaeus

The series Mineral Studies consists of ten mimetic sculptures. They are all made in a scale that is feasible in relation to the original, and are mainly a study in form. They are an attempt to, by means of sturdy work, come close to something that could be called faith. They could even be perceived as a try to capture the soul of the minerals. The fascination of the mythical and its seemingly farfetched relation to the materials I tried to imitate, made the working process a sort of physical and existential wander in relations to nature and faith, as well as more secular occurrences like tourism and beauty. It is a collection of sulphur, pyrite, quartz, malachite, stibnite, rock crystal, fluorite, gold, silver and arsenic.