Gotlandic Rauks

In search of the lost self, curated by Sinziana Ravini, Camilla Larsson, Marianna Garin, Bonniers konsthall, Stockholm, 2007 (sculptures; styrofoam, acrylicplastic, colours and gravel)

”… I turn at strategically located signposts towards Gotland’s most famous rauk: Hoburgsgubben. When I stop the car, the rain has stopped and the dusk set in. The voice on the radio and the muffled noise of the heating become silent, as if they had been mere illusions. It is cold and windy. The darkness conceals shadowy stone creatures. I open the car door but hesitate to go out. Change my mind. I drive to my borrowed accommodation. The shadows are following. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the fear came from inside… ”

-Frida Tebus (text from the artistbook Gotlandic rauks)

” … How is meaning pertaining to things, places and phenomena created in relation to their physical appearances? Tebus issues assume the form of photographic mappings, videodocumentations and sculptures. She often uses her personal history as a springboard to plunge into various outlooks on life. In Gotlandic rauks the viewer encounters two monumental sculptures that represent two rauks ( rock formations typical of Gotland) Like a contemporary diorama, Tebus present them with their mytical names: Hoburgsgubben and Gamle Patron. ”

-Camilla Larsson, curator Bonniers Konsthall (text from the exhibition catalogue In search of the lost self)